Command Line InterfaceΒΆ

After a successful installation, the sauna command can be used to run and administer Sauna. An explanation of the available commands and flags are given with sauna --help:

$ sauna --help
Daemon that runs and reports health checks

  sauna [--level=<lvl>] [--config=FILE] [<command> <args>...]
  sauna sample
  sauna (-h | --help)
  sauna --version

  -h --help      Show this screen.
  --version      Show version.
  --level=<lvl>  Log level [default: warn].
  --config=FILE  Config file [default: sauna.yml].

Available commands:
  list-active-checks            Display the checks that sauna will run.
  list-available-checks         Display the available checks.
  list-available-consumers      Display the available consumers.
  register                      Register a server to OVH Shinken monitoring
  status                        Show the result of active checks.

When no command is given, sauna runs in the foreground. It executes and sends the checks until interrupted. Sauna can also run as a service in the background.